Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anyone Care For Some Nevada-Style Fruitcake?

That's what the state's Republican primary voters have served up in the person of Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, as Angle's latest bizarre and inaccurate statement in regards to Muslims in America attests. I'm no fan of Harry Reid's, and he's frankly among the Democrats I'd like to see ousted from the Senate. But I'm not at all enthused about his possible downfall given that his replacement would be a know-nothing loon like Angle.

It's a testament to just out of sorts the Republican party is that in a year in which all the fundamentals are in their favor, they may blow their chance at capturing control of the Senate by allowing people like Angle and fervent anti-masturbation advocate Christine O'Donnell of Delaware to get nominations in imminently winnable races. There are plenty of legitimate critiques to be made of both the Democratic agenda under President Obama and the Bush-style big government Republicanism it displaced and in some ways continued. Why can't the Republicans find smarter, saner candidates to articulate those critiques?

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