Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chris Dodd Comes Out Against Oil Spills, Genocide, Mosquito Bites, Traffic Jams

It's good to know that the soon-to-retire Connecticut Senator is upset by the ongoing ecological disaster currently unfolding in the Gulf. I'd certainly be more likely to vote for a candidate who shares his view than for a member of the pro-baby-birds-drowning-in-crude-oil movement. Blaming George W. Bush for the disaster is a bit much, though. Bush's Presidency was a train wreck on multiple levels, and had this spill occurred on his watch I don't doubt that some scandal involving incompetence or lax enforcement at whatever bureaucratic arm of the Department of the Interior regulates offshore drilling would have emerged. The thing is, Bush isn't the President any more, and hasn't been for a year and a half. He's just a retired old man living on a ranch in Texas. Obama has had more than enough time to overhaul the executive branch to his liking, and screwups therein are on his watch and have been for awhile.

Of course, when your party controls both branches of the legislature, and its approval ratings look like this, I suppose it makes sense to deflect attention from yourself as much as is possible. Someone how I doubt "Ooga Booga Wall Street George Bush Party of No" is going to be an effective slogan for the fall campaigns however.

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