Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to blogging...

Well, promises to the contrary notwithstanding, I took my annual two month break from creativity during the winter months this year, and was somewhat chagrined to see that I hadn't posted since December 19th when I logged on - I really must see about moving to a warmer, sunnier climate, or at least getting some UV lamps for my living space, because the winter blahs seem to get worse every year.

I just watched the conclusion of the Olympic Womens' Figure Skating finals, and while I didn't see gold medal winner Kim Yu-Na skate, I did watch her primary competitors, and except for Japanese-American pixie Mirai Nagasu, who was too far back to catch her anyway, they all made noticeable mistakes, so I'm not surprised she won the gold. Based on her performance from the short program the other night, she deserved to - she clearly looked like the best skater in the field, just faster, smoother, and more graceful than everyone else by a mile. People here are a bit disappointed that Mao Asada only ended up with silver, but nobody denies that Kim was the better skater. Knowing the Korean sense of nationalism, and disdain for all things Japanese, somehow I can't see people there being such graceful losers were the skate on the other foot.

I have also been following Olympic results on, which helpfully provides Twitter feeds for various athletes and media personalities in Vancouver - if you want to know what Apolo Anton Ohno thought of the womens' hockey final, in 140 characters or less, they've got you covered. I've got some thoughts on media coverage of sports in the age of Twitter percolating, but figure I'd best ease back into writing with a shorter post before I attempt to articulate them.

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